Monday, July 15, 2013

February 2013::Dave's Birthday

January 2013::Luke Turns 1

What to Do?

I'm trying to figure out what to do about this two-blog business.
Do I keep them both?
Do I just stick with one?
Do I try to catch up over here?
How do I do that without staying behind?

Hmm...still trying to come up with a game plan.

I'm doing a pretty good job at documenting our family life on So Buttons
Do I really need to post here too?

Hmm...what to do?

I like having all these pictures posted here, in case we lose our files like we did a couple years ago.  Thanks to our blogs the pictures were not completely lost.  That's the main reason why I feel like I need to catch up on all our family pictures.  But if I'm documenting so much on one blog, do I really need another?  Too redundant?  Does anybody read this blog that doesn't read So Buttons?

I'm still not really sure what to do...
Any thoughts?

December 2012::Christmas

::Steve & Susie with us
::we announce we are pregnant
::Christmas brunch at Algers
::Luke's first Christmas

November 2012::Trip to Visit the Baileys

November 2012::Reflections Contest Winners!

October 2012::Halloween Spooky Dinner

Jack-O-Lantern Pizza
crunchy fingers, crunchy eyeballs, rotten eyeballs
bones & blood, crunchy ears


October 2012::Halloween