Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fun with Food!!!

Yesterday, Sept. 12th, Katie ate rice cereal for the first time. By the look on her face it seems to have been a success!

She's growing up so fast!

Happy 22nd Birthday!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Megan on Friday, September 9th. We had friends over for dinner, cake & ice cream, presents, and a movie. The whole night was prepared by Dave, and it was SO FUN! Unfortunately Katie was in bed during the festivities.

Bathing Beauty

Lake Tahoe
August 2005
The Jensen Family Reunion 2005 brought us this summer to Lake Tahoe. We had lots of fun boating, wakeboarding, hiking, and swimming in the gorgeous lake. Katie even loved wading in the freezing water! Looks like we might have a little swimmer in our family. Here she is lounging on the lakeside beach.