Sunday, January 31, 2010

January at the Jensen

There hasn't been a whole lot of excitment going on over here.
That pretty much sums up January at the Jensen.
But things are good and we are all healthy + happy - which is definitely a great thing and we are grateful.

I haven't posted much because there hasn't been a whole lot going on or any great photos taken in the past month. These were the best I could find.

Being couped up in the house, we're all starting to a feel a little like this:
and this:
not really, but I thought those pictures were great :)
With Brooke being so mobile now, she often finds herself "contained."
The best part about cold winter days though, is getting to snuggle like this:

Just because.

Dave has been the busy one around here.
He has a few projects in the works.
Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be married to him?

He extended our counter (on the right) to make a desk area. Before, our computer moniter was sitting on our counter under the cupboard and it all felt a bit squished. We are all loving our new computer space. (And we all still love having the computer in the kitchen - it is wonderful.)

We are working on getting this room painted:

And Dave is almost done building these lockers for our laundry room (yay!)

Hope you all had a wonderful January!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Decade Photo Diary

I LOVED this idea! (thanks MK)

Here's a look at what has happened in our family in the past ten years:

In 2000, I was 16, a Junior at Needham High School, and didn't have my license yet.

I hung out with friends,

worked at White Mountain Creamery,

and played a lot of sports.

Dave was living in San Jose, installing garage doors and hanging out with friends & family.
He had already graduated from high school, went to Ricks College, served a 2 year mission for our church in Boston & Mexico, returned to Ricks College, and then home to work.
(sorry, I don't have many pictures of Dave before we were married)

In 2001, I graduated from High School.

Dave moved to Provo, UT in the summer of 2001.

We met January of 2002 and fell in love pretty fast.
We were together every day.

After school ended in April, I went home for the summer and that was the beginning of our 7 month long distance relationship.
We spent A LOT of time talking on the phone.
Dave came to visit me twice in Massachusetts, and I visited him once in San Jose.

We spent a lot of time apart.
Too long.
Boy, did I miss this guy...

January 2003, Dave came back to Utah and we were finally together again.

In February 2003, he proposed to me on this bridge.

Of course I said yes!

We were very happy,

and very much in love.

We had a long 8 month engagement. (too long)

In October 2003, we were married.

We were still pretty cool back then :)

And still pretty good-looking :)

Most of the time.

Just before our first anniversary, I got pregnant.

We were very excited.

I graduated from BYU in 2005.

I was 38 weeks pregnant.

May 2005, Katie was born.

We moved to our favorite apartment in Orem, our third home, where we spent our first Christmas alone and met some lifelong friends.

In 2006 we bought our first house and moved back to Provo.

And I got pregnant again.

In March 2007, McKenna was born.

In 2008, we got Baxter,

Dave got his truck,

and I got pregnant. Again.

In March 2009, Brooke was born.

We adopted Bowser.

It has been a great decade for our little family.
So much as happened.
We are excited to see what the next ten years brings!
Happy 2010!