Saturday, December 15, 2007

Girl Date

Thursday night Katie and I went on our first Girl Date to see the movie "Enchanted." We had SO MUCH FUN sharing candy, popcorn, & Sprite. I let her pick the seats (third row all the way to the left) which ended up being perfect because we weren't in anyone's way when we started dancing and twirling during the songs. It is so fun having little girls! After the movie was over, Katie couldn't stop saying "That was such a good movie!" She then told me "I'm not ready to go home, Mom. Let's go shopping!" How could I resist? So, we went to Claire's and tried on almost every necklace, bracelet, headband, and crown they had. I must say we had a very fun and successful Girl Date, and Katie definitely is ALL GIRL!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Tis the Season

I love Christmas.
I love Christmas trees,
I love Christmas decorations,
I love Christmas dresses (especially matching ones!),
I love Christmas excitement,
I love Christmas music,
I love Christmas movies,
I love Christmas parties,
I love Christmas cheer,
I love the Christmas spirit,
I love everything that has to do with Christmas!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sweet November

I am sorry to admit that I have been seriously MIA in the blog department of my life. So, here are some highlights from this past month.

We spent our Thanksgiving in Boston for a Hopkin family reunion. It was the first time that we were all together in 2 years. We were sad that Staci couldn't spend more time with us, but at least there was about 1 hour that all 5 siblings, spouses, & kids were all together. It was SO FUN!

The main event of the reunion - the Needham vs. Wellesley Thanksgiving Day game. It was so fun to be there to witness Brian's senior year victory over their Raider rivals.

Katie & McKenna LOVED being with all of their Hopkin cousins (Janie's missing in this picture :( ).

The girls were champs for mom on our LONG journey home without Dad.

Katie enjoyed jumping and hiding in the leaf piles.

McKenna is eating EVERYTHING now and absolutely loving it. She can't get enough! Raisins are a particular favorite.

This Thanksgiving I was overwhelmed with gratitude for 1) family, 2) the fact that we were able to all be together, 3) memories, 4) traditions, & 5) BEATING WELLESLEY!
I love my family and I love the memories & traditions that bring us together.

I can't believe how blessed I am to be surrounded by a wonderful husband, two beautiful girls, and two amazing extended families that love and support us so much. I also am amazed and thankful for how much the Lord has blessed all of us and has been watching over us all. That is what I was thankful for the most this Thanksgiving season.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Costume Pics

Trick Or Treat

We had so much fun this Halloween! We have been celebrating almost all week. It started with a costume birthday party on Saturday for Katie's friends. Then, Tuesday night we went to a Halloween carnival at our church that Dave was involved in.
Then, Halloween day we went to Dave's work for trick-or-treating around the office. It is always fun to visit Dad at work.
Then for the real deal - Halloween night. Katie LOVED trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with Dad and seeing all of her friends out there too. It was so nice that it wasn't freezing this year! That definitely made the experience more enjoyable!
Katie's favorite part was sorting through her candy and trying to eat all of it. She insisted that she had to eat it all last night, but after some discussion we convinced her that it was better not to. That way she can have candy to eat all week! I think that was a good idea...? Regardless, we had a very fun Halloween. Hope you all did too!

Real Man of Genius

Dave definitely wins the prizes for best jack-o-lantern and most creative way to carve a pumpkin. Yes, he used a drill. First, his own, then when the battery ran out, he used our neighbors. We were all very impressed with his creative insight, dedication, and perserverance.
Way to go Dave, Mr. "Carve the face of Homer Simpson in your pumpkin with an electric drill." We salute you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy 4th

"Someday, when I'm awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you...
And the way you look tonight."

Happy 4th Anniversay Dave!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I think maybe Mary tagged me? Unless she knows another Megan and tagged her instead of me, which is VERY possible since there are many people in this world named Megan...
Regardless, I am considering myself tagged!

What was I doing ten years ago: Hmm, let me see...1997...I was actually in my obsessive phase of life and that was actually the year that I attended my first rock concert - BUSH - whom I was extremely obsessed with. But in October, 1997 I was finishing up my first soccer season at Needham High as a freshman.

What was I doing five years ago: I was having my first round of mid-terms at BYU, living in Helaman Halls (Chipman!) and trying to figure out my life...

One Year Ago: A 4 month Preg Meg, coaching Jr. League lacrosse, teaching violin lessons, getting ready for my first Super Saturday as Enrichment Leader, and I think that's it.

Yesterday: First day without a car, walked to Stake Aerobics with the girlies, exercised (yea!), walked home, had quiet time, taught violin lessons, read lots of books, folded lots of laundry, had Jason & Erica over for FHE, played outside, made (& ate) yummy brownies

5 snacks I enjoy: Oh my, anything sweet. But here's the real list: cookies, crackers & cheese, caramel popcorn, Twizzlers, strawberry Charleston Chews

Five things I would do if I had $100 million: pay off our house, travel, pay for all the education my kids could get (I guess that counts as 2 things), feed starving children

Five places I would love to run away to: Apple Hill, Italy, somewhere tropical and secluded, Needham (I know, but I miss home sometimes!), I'm having a hard time thinking of a fifth...maybe Cricket Field - does that count?

Five TV shows I like: My goodness, I have TOO MANY shows I watch, but here are the top 5: Lost, 24, House, Grey's Anatomy, Journeyman.

Five things I hate doing: Cleaning toilets, washing dishes, changing dirty diapers or throwup, being too emotional, yelling (I'm with you on that one MK!)

Five biggest joys at the moment: Dave, Katie, McKenna, fall colors, friends,

Tag: Staci, Mari, Kari or anyone else whose name ends with an "i" :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ode to McKenna

We really do love McKenna. I know that our blog seems to be filled with Katie, so I thought I would dedicate this post to our own special Bakenna Monita.

McKenna is so much fun! She really has so much personality. She is very affectionate, happy, playful, and interested in the world around her. She LOVES her big sister. We have just discovered that she loves the swings, sitting & riding in a shopping cart without her infant seat, Mommy's hair in her face, and Dad's facial hair. She also enjoys screaming (happily) - that seems to be her way of expressing excitement. That, along with wiggling her entire body, especially her toes. McKenna is such a fun part of our family and we love her very much!

OUR Garden

When we got home from our trip to California (a 5 day trip) Katie & I went in the back to check our cucumber plant. This is how many cucumbers we found on it! We have had a cucumber factory in our backyard all summer. It was great! Katie thought it was fun to line them all up. She got a kick out of the "big huge ones." Needless to say, that was the last day of the life our plant. We couldn't keep up with it anymore so we pulled it out. It was kind of sad - that plant served us well...

Grandpa's Garden

We are so lucky to have Grandma Joy and Grandpa Doug so close. We love to go visit them - Katie especially! She loves to sing songs for Grandma and pick fruits & vegetables out of Grandpa's garden.
She even likes to eat what she picks! She loved the raspberries and was so excited about the zucchini she found.

She also liked that she was tall enough to pick these pears.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Now & Then

Summer 2007

Summer 2006
It is fun to see how kids grow up, but it's funny how some things don't really change. Katie still loved the same rides this year at Lagoon and insisted on going on the airplane and boat over and over again. And I love that I was able to capture the same moments two years in a row! My guess is that next year these rides will still be a hit. Katie was more brave this year, and being a little bit taller she was able to go on more rides. She discovered the bumper cars, the "big swings", the Tilt-A-Whirl, and the ladybug ride that went up and fell straight down. It would probably be more appropriate to say that she was very brave. I know some adults that won't even go on those free-fall type rides! Needless to say she had a blast and couldn't get enough of it. Oh, and btw, it is SO fun to watch your kid enjoy being a kid!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Tradition Continues...

I am happy to say that we are continuing the favorite Hopkin Family birthday tradition here at the Jensen Home! Katie had a kick out of the "first bite" game.
I had a wonderful 24th birthday. Last night Dave & I went out to dinner to Magleby's and sat and talked for 2 hours, even with the end of the BYU game playing in the background! It was amazing! It was really nice to get out, just Dave & I, and do something other than go to a movie (which I love doing, but it is not very conducive for conversation). I was very happy to discover that we still have things to talk about other than our children and relationship problems! Dave is so wonderful and I love those few moments that we get together, just us, when we can enjoy each other, laugh, and remember why we love being together so much.
Then, today (my birthday) after church we went on a drive on the Alpine Loop which I LOVE to do, but haven't done in a very long time. Katie tested out my birthday present (portable DVD player) in the backseat and gave positive reviews. I loved the peaceful, quiet, beautiful drive, and again, more great conversation with Dave.
I also loved getting the birthday wishes from so many of you either by phone, email, or on facebook. I definitely felt special today on my birthday, so thanks! 24 is great so far!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sitting Sisters

We have ourselves another sitter now!

McKenna is really enjoying being able to sit and play with Katie these days. And Katie seems to like it too! These girls are so fun, especially when they play well together (and Katie isn't trying to stick her finger down McKenna's throat). Katie is really good at making McKenna smile and sometimes laugh. Usually all she has to do is look at McKenna and the smiles start. Hopefully they always love playing together!

Biggest Smile Ever!


First Haircut

So Katie had her first real haircut about a week ago. I didn't dare try to do it myself. She's very much in a "leave me alone Mom!" stage, and I didn't want to risk chopping off a chunk of the little hair that she has. But, she has desperately needed a haircut for a while now so we went and did it. Nothing drastic at all (we're still trying to grow it out). The stylist just straightened it out in the back and cleaned in up. It is so nice not to have to do her hair everyday and feel like she still looks cute & clean. She did great and we both were very happy with her new haircut.
(Above are the before, during, and after pictures.)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Makeup Artist

Katie has discovered Mommy's makeup. It is hard to keep her away from it! I've resorted to the occasional (very) supervised makeup sessions. She gets to sit on the counter while I'm doing my own makeup and play with one makeup item of my choice and do whatever she wants with it. It is one of her favorite things to do. At least she getting the general concept - putting eyeshadow close to her eyes and lipstick close to her lips...

I guess girls will be girls, right?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer is Here!

The weather has been been warming up and it has been so nice spending time outside with the girls. It is amazing what a difference playing outside makes on a 2 year old! We have been loving going to parks, going on long walks, and playing in the backyard.

Thursday, April 12, 2007