Saturday, May 22, 2010


McKenna: Mom, where's our car?

(laughing to herself)

Oh! There it is! I thought that one over there was ours, but that's a boy car. Ours is a girl car.

I think I'll name her Bella.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

McKenna and Her Problems

Whiny day from McKenna. Seemed like we couldn't do enough to make her happy. We were out by the fire and she came out whining about wanting a drink.

McKenna: I want a driiiiiink (in the whiniest voice you can imagine)

Meg: Ok, didn't you have a cup out here? (in the best-attempt-to-be-patient voice you can imagine)

McKenna: No

Meg: Yes you did, it's over there. Why don't you grab it and go get yourself some water?

McKenna: But I want some miiiiiiilk.

Meg: No, you can have some water.

(McKenna pouts)

McKenna: But I want yoooooou to get it. I can't reach the iiiiiiice.

Meg: You can get yourself some water. It's important to me that you learn how to solve your own problem.

(McKenna whimpers)

McKenna: I don't have any problems, Mom.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

How We Made Our Rainbow Cupcakes

A few of you have asked how we made Katie's rainbow cupcakes for her birthday.

Here's how we did it.

A Royal Celebration

To celebrate Katie's birthday, at her request we had a -

We couldn't just have a Princess Party because she invited Prince Charming.

He brought her flowers.
I suppose that's what makes him so charming.
First the royal guests decorated their own treasure boxes.
Then we had a ball toss.

After hearing the story of the Princess & the Pea, we tested them all to see if they were True Princesses. Everyone took turns hiding and finding the "pea."

Then we ventured outside to find gold (choc. coins) to fill their treasure boxes with.

We then went on a dragon hunt. Oh I wish I had pictures of this!
It was just like "Goin' On a Bear Hunt" except of course, we went on a Dragon Hunt. We have a stuffed dragon that Dave held and pretended to be the dragon. We gave the Prince a sword made out of a cardboard wrapping paper tube. We all travelled up & down a tree, across a river, up & over a mountain, through the mud, into a cave, where our Prince slayed the dragon. It was hilarious. He hit Dave pretty hard with that sword! Good thing it was cardboard.

After our long journey and dragon slaying fiasco, we gathered in the kitchen for treats worthy of Princesses and Princes. Rainbow cupcakes with silver sprinkles - requested by Princess Katie herself.

They required a bit of creativity, but they turned out pretty good. Better than we expected!

It was a fantastically fun birthday party. I must say, the older kids get, the more fun (and easier!) birthday parties become. These kids had a blast.

And most importantly, our Princess felt pretty special to have her friends over to celebrate with her.

I still can't believe -

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our (My) Favorite Mothers Day Tradition

Katie, Grandma Bonita, McKenna, Brooke, Meg

Every Mothers' Day we go and visit my late Grandma Hopkin at the Orem Cemetery. We bring her flowers and take a picture by her.

She is our Grandma Bonita. I was named after her (my middle name) and we passed her name onto McKenna (her middle name too). We brought her flowers, sat by her grave, and talked about the sparkle in her eye. She was a remarkable woman who showed Christ-like love in all she did. I love that we live close to her, can visit her, and remember her often.

Wood from the Freezer

(background to this conversation: Dave put a firepit in our backyard yesterday and we had our first family campfire last night.)

This afternoon I pulled a loaf of zucchini bread out of our freezer.

McKenna asked: Is that more wood for our fire?!

I'm glad that it was so appetizing to her...
Perhaps I should rethink sharing it with my Beehive class :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Katie Bear Turns 5

Today my baby girl is five years old. Half a decade. Three months away from Kindergarten. Days away from losing her first tooth. Excuse me while I echo all the mothers in the world when I say "they grow up way too fast!" And excuse me because I'm sure that's not the last time you will hear me say that.

The day she was born is still clear to me as if it was yesterday. Mothers' Day 2005. I remember how I felt, what I was thinking and worrying about, and about every minute of the 14 hour delivery. I remember how Dave was such a rockstar husband. I remember how special it was to have my mom there. Three generations of girls, together for the first time. I remember how everything felt so new and scary, and yet somehow I knew just what to do. Like it was meant to be. I remember the nurses leaving for a bit and telling me & Dave to "practice pushing." I remember that scared me to death.

But most of all I remember those first few seconds of her life like they were stretched in slow motion. I remember seeing and hearing her for the first time. It was the single most life changing moment of my life. I never knew I could love the way I loved her then. I couldn't imagine then, loving her even more, like I do now. Motherhood is a miracle and I thank the Lord everyday for the three little miracles in my life.

Katie amazes me everyday. Often I wonder how I got so lucky to be her mom. She is so smart, full of so much personality, so social, and wants to know why & how everything works. She is quick to help, quick to say sorry, quick to say "I love you," and quick to jump into my arms or lap for the best snuggles I could wish for.

Being our firstborn, Katie has changed my life in more than one way. Because of her, I am a mom. Looking at her is sometimes like looking at a miniature mirror that reflects all of the ways I want to be better - for her sake. I want to be exactly what she needs. Being her mother has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. She inspires me everyday to be a little better; to give a little more; to forget myself and get to work in and for our family. She challenges me in the very best of ways and I am thankful everyday to be her mother. She truly makes me a better me. She is my joy. My Katie Joy!

Happy Birthday sweet Katie Bear!

{picture taken by Staci Hopkin}