Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tiny Little Poops

About a week ago my sweet mother sent me a box of See's chocolates to get me through the last few weeks of my pregnancy. There were 24 truffles - one for each day left in my pregnancy (yea right they will even last that long...)

Today, Katie, out of the blue, asks me in a very concerned tone, "Mom, are those really tiny little poops?"
I replied, "What?!" having NO IDEA where this is coming from.
"Are those really tiny little poops?" she repeats as she points to my box of chocolates.
It took me a second to process what she was talking about and then I remember...

Dave, being as clever as he is, told Katie that they were tiny little poops, so that she wouldn't ask for any. Thank you Dave for doing "whatever necessary" to protect my treats and for setting the stage for this priceless (and hilarious) conversation. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Kaye!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Just finished Because of Winn-Dixie with Katie before her nap today. This one took a little longer for us to finish, mostly because there aren't any pictures. It was a little harder to keep her attention during this one, but she did seem to enjoy it and thought it was HILARIOUS that the girls' name is Opal. She also thinks it's funny that the girl looks like a boy (see front cover). Katie cracks me up...

This was a great book. I definitely recommend it. I think we'll check out the movie now that we've finished it - I think it would make for a great Family Movie Night!

She has requested that our next book be Pinnochio that Dave got for his birthday from his mom.
I love that Katie loves to read!

Drop Everything And Read!
Happy Birthday Erica!


Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Days

Thanks to the little gadget on my sidebar I just realized there are only 25 days lefts 'til baby gets here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dave Birthday Details

I realized I didn't really say anything about what we did to celebrate Dave's birthday or explain the presents at all. For those of you interested...

Friday night, I surprised Dave by getting a babysitter so we could go out. We went to the new-ish Harley Davidson store in Lindon, where they have a huge showroom, shop, and restaurant. Unfortunately the showroom was closed, but there were huge windows in the restaurant that let us look into the shop and showroom while we ate. The restaurant is called Marley's and they sell gourmet sliders (small hamburgers/sandwichs). Dave got the Filet Mignon slider and I got the hamburger with bleu cheese and bacon. Yum! The food was a little pricey, but SO YUMMY. It definitely was a treat and a good find.

After dinner we headed over to Home Depot where Dave bought his long-awaited birthday present. He has been saving Home Depot gift cards for a while now, and got a few for his birthday from Mom/Dad and Mom/Dad-inlaw, and so he was able to go and buy his socket/ratchet set - FINALLY. He is so excited about it. Thanks Moms & Dads for making his birthday dream come true! :)

We then went to Sub-Zero ice cream (mostly for me) for some dessert. Again, SO YUMMY! We went home after that and prepped for Valentine's Day.

Saturday we mostly just relaxed at home. We took a trip to IKEA for lunch and to buy some heart-shaped ice cube trays. I made these for the girls for Valentine's Day, but ruined the trays (that I borrowed from a friend) in the process so we had to replace them. Ooops! But it was a fun outing.

That night Katie delivered Valentine's to her friends in the neighborhood. We then had Dave's birthday dinner (lasagna), cupcakes, and Dave opened his other long-awaited present, a computer mouse. You can tell in the picture how excited (and surprised) he was about that gift.

So, those are the details. It was a fun weekend. And it was a bonus having Dave home on Monday too for President's Day. We love having Dad home!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Festivities

as you can tell, he was excited about his presents!

and the girls enjoyed the cake - at least what they got in their mouths :)

Hee Hee Hoooooo

Pretty sure I had one giant contraction all day.
Pretty sure it had to do with the fact I was teaching in Relief Society ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dave!

31 Things That I Love About Dave

1. I absolutely LOVE his smile. It’s what made me first fall in love with him (besides his hot Jeep of course J)
2. I love how he loves his daughters more than anything and isn’t hesitant to show them.
3. I love his undoubting commitment to the gospel.
4. I love how hard working he is.
5. I love how he knows SO MUCH about SO MANY things.
6. I love that he is confident.
7. I love that he can always laugh at himself.
8. I love that he is honest.
9. I love how he makes everyone feel comfortable when they’re around him.
10. I love how he knows how to talk to anyone about anything – he has an amazing way with people.
11. I love that he loves to have fun.
12. I love that he loves to laugh.
13. I love how he loves to fix things and isn’t afraid to take anything apart to do it.
14. I love how nonjudgmental he is.
15. I love that he is still cool at 31!
16. I love that he loves and listens to really good music.
17. I love the sound he makes right before he falls asleep.
18. I love how much he loves his family.
19. I love how much he loves mine.
20. I love how he sleeps with his face in his pillow.
21. I love that he brushes our daughters’ hair every night after baths.
22. I love his giraffe tongue. J
23. I love how he doesn’t take anyone or anything too seriously.
24. I love that he is athletic and no matter how out of shape he is he still runs really fast.
25. I love, appreciate, and admire how he never complains about things he needs to do.
26. I love how he dances.
27. I love that he comes on walks and to the park with me even when he doesn’t really want to.
28. I love that he lets me be me.
29. I love that he eats the food I cook.
30. I love that he loves me.
31. I love that I get to be with him forever.

Happy Birthday & Valentine’s babe!
I love you so much!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009


It seems like things are going to be better this week.

Dave's back injury (due to drying off his back after a shower) seems to be getting better. Even though he still has pain, he is able to be take his medication and actually go to work this week. Sad that we don't have him home like we did last week, but good that he is feeling better.

My back pain, however, will probably continue for at least another 5 weeks :). BUT, overall I am definitley feeling better so far this week than I did last week. For some reason I was in a bad mood ALL WEEK last week. Some sort of pregnancy PMS perhaps? Does that even exist??? This morning I woke up definitely feeling better and ready to start a new week fresh.

The TV was actually OFF by 9:30 this morning, which was a huge accomplishment for us! The girls are happy and playing together (alone!) in their room. Hallelujah!

This is going to be a good day. This is going to be a great week. It has been decided. :)

After is a birthday week!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Couple of Old Folks

Dave & I have been quite the crimpled couple the past couple of days. Between my pregnancy aches, pains, and slow moving, and his hurt back with very limited motion, we are quite the sight to behold. It is funny - when something falls on the floor, we both kind of hesitate while we figure out who could more easily pick it up without doing too much damage to our bodies. When a child needs to be held or help doing something, we have a similar dillemna. And I no longer have the "I'm pregnant, can you lift that...?" card to pull. Neither one of us can or should be doing much of anything right now.

Let's just say the we are getting some what of a preview of what our lives may be like in 50 years. It is actually quite funny...