Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Months

Katie - 3 months

McKenna - 3 months

Brooke - 3 months

Luke - 3 months

There are few things I know for sure about Luke at 3 months:
1) There's no doubt he's a boy.  He just looks like a boy!
2) He's a big boy.
3) He's gonna have blue eyes.
4) He has some pretty impressive hair compared to his sisters.
5) There's no doubt he's our boy!
6) I'm pretty sure he will always be able to melt me with that smile.

Even though all our kids have their own look, they definitely fit together.  All of them look a little bit alike in some way or another. 

When Luke was born, both Dave & I said, "he sure looks like our kids!"  It only took four kids to happen, but it was fun to finally feel like our baby looked familiar.  :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Something New

Look who got glasses!

When we went to register McKenna for Kindergarten, we learned that she needs glasses!  So far she is doing great with them.  She takes good care of them and doesn't complain about wearing them.  She was nervous at first, but has been doing really well.  We are so proud of how responsible she is with her glasses and how well she is doing with this new change. 

Easter Pictures

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March 2012: McKenna's Birthday

McKenna is five!

McKenna also started her birthday morning off with a birthday banner, balloons, and presents.  I have a feeling this will become a birthday tradition for us.  She did a pretty good job being patient through Brooke's birthday, waiting for her turn just four days later.  She couldn't wait until her special day.

On her birthday, we went to the brown park.  Her favorite.  We brought a picnic and planned to stay as long as she wanted.  She spent lots of time on the swing, and was so proud to finally conquer the firepole now that she's five.  We had a great time.

For dinner she requested Applebee's.  She had never been, but she knew Mom went there with friends sometimes (for the half off appetizers after 9 p.m.) so it must be a great place to go.  We had a great time and she felt so special when the servers sang to her.

For her birthday party we took a car full of friends to the Lehi indoor pool to swim.  It was McKenna's idea and it was a great one!  We had so much fun!

I think McKenna was pretty happy with her birthday celebration. :)

March 2012: Brooke's Birthday

Brookie Cookie turned three!

The Wednesday before Brooke's birthday we had a mini celebration with singing and donuts with her friends during playgroup.  It was just me, Brooke, and her friends.  Nothing planned but donuts and a candle.  When I told Dave that was my plan for Brooke's "birthday party" he said, "Really? That's so not like you."
That made me laugh.
I don't think Brooke minded :)

The morning of her birthday, March 11th, began with a pile of presents on the kitchen table, a birthday banner hanging above the window, and balloons roaming around the kitchen floor.  Brooke was so happy.  She immediately put on the birthday hat and started opening her presents.  She had the right idea - why wait until dinner and cake that evening?  She wanted to play with her presents all day.

Brooke and her rainbow "cake"

And of course, she licked off all the frosting :)