Friday, January 04, 2008

New Years Eve GHIII Extravanganza

Pay particular attention to Katie's lyrics & her bent knee power pose. She was born to rock!

Katie & Dave playing GHIII (notice Katie's "rock on")
Cutest girl in the world

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Puppy

So, in about 3 weeks we will have a new addition to our family - our very own, genuine, black lab puppy. Ours is the one with the yellow collar. He is about 3 weeks old in these pictures. He will be about 7 weeks when we get him so he will look quite a bit different. We can't wait for him to get here. We have had our cousin living with us for about a month now and he has a chihuahua puppy. The puppy has been here too so it has been a good test for us. The girls LOVE the puppy. We really think this will be a good thing for our family. We are so excited.
We are also still thinking of names. We originally were thinking Sage, but I'm not sure that I'm completely set on that. Baxter is another name that has been discussed. We will have to get to know the puppy a little more I think before we decide. I'm sure that he will have A LOT more personality the next time that we see him than he did at 3 weeks. So, definitely look forward to some more posts about our puppy's homecoming in the next few weeks.

Christmas - finally

For some reason it has taken me a while to get back to updating our blog, but here I am, finally posting Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas here in Provo. We feel very blessed. Everyone was happy and healthy and we were all together.
(As I am writing this, Katie is in the family room saying "I love all of my toys, Mom! Santa gave them to me!" I just can't help but smile. It feels like a Mastercard commercial - after all the presents, it's that reaction that is priceless...)

Here are some captured moments of the day:

McKenna smiling at her new best friend, Minnie.

This was such a fun first Christmas for McKenna. She was totally into it! Every present that was opened, every toy that we gave her, just made her laugh and clap her hands. This Minnie from Uncle Dan & Aunt Mary Kaye was a HUGE hit. She laughs every time she sees it and she sleeps with it at night. It actually is a huge hit with Katie as well. I'm sure McKenna appreciates finally having a toy that Katie wants instead of the other way around.

Katie helping McKenna open her presents.

This Christmas was really fun for us. Katie was old enough to get the whole concept - she understood that it was Jesus' birthday, she understood who Santa was and that he was coming, and she was so excited about her presents. Before she went to bed she even said "I'm just so excited for Santa to come, Mom!" It was really fun. And she was such a good helper with all the presents. She gave everyone their presents, helped us all open them, and got so excited with us when we saw what it was. She is such a sweetheart.

McKenna's new hat from Grandma Hopkin.

This is my number one favorite article of clothing that anyone in our family owns. Not only is it very warm and very functional, it is SO CUTE! I really can't stand it.

Katie enthralled with her Polly Pocket from Grandma Jensen.

Katie entered the world of "big girl" toys this Christmas. She got her first dollhouse from Grandma Hopkin, along with an assortment of dolls & clothes, she got Polly Pockets (with a car that goes nicely with the dollhouse) and Littlest Pet Shop from Grandma Jensen, and a Beauty & the Beast doll dressup set from Uncle Dan & Aunt Mary Kaye. She LOVES dressing up all of her new dolls and playing with them in her dollhouse. Her Christmas presents were themed perfectly and she is now completely obsessed with her dolls. We have so much fun dressing them all up and accessorizing!