Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Costume Pics

Trick Or Treat

We had so much fun this Halloween! We have been celebrating almost all week. It started with a costume birthday party on Saturday for Katie's friends. Then, Tuesday night we went to a Halloween carnival at our church that Dave was involved in.
Then, Halloween day we went to Dave's work for trick-or-treating around the office. It is always fun to visit Dad at work.
Then for the real deal - Halloween night. Katie LOVED trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with Dad and seeing all of her friends out there too. It was so nice that it wasn't freezing this year! That definitely made the experience more enjoyable!
Katie's favorite part was sorting through her candy and trying to eat all of it. She insisted that she had to eat it all last night, but after some discussion we convinced her that it was better not to. That way she can have candy to eat all week! I think that was a good idea...? Regardless, we had a very fun Halloween. Hope you all did too!

Real Man of Genius

Dave definitely wins the prizes for best jack-o-lantern and most creative way to carve a pumpkin. Yes, he used a drill. First, his own, then when the battery ran out, he used our neighbors. We were all very impressed with his creative insight, dedication, and perserverance.
Way to go Dave, Mr. "Carve the face of Homer Simpson in your pumpkin with an electric drill." We salute you.