Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

McKenna's 1!!! (Last Week)

Happy Birthday McKenna!!!
(last week - March 15th)
I can't believe our baby girl is 1!
She is a professional present opener

New outfit, new kicks, new ride - sweet!
Beautiful McKenna (doesn't she look so grown up?)
Not quite sure...
Mmm, this is pretty good

Yes, I think I like this...

It was so funny - when we put the cupcake down on her tray, she started smacking her lips together. She must have known how yummy it was going to be!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Summer, Here I Come!

I got my Modbe bathing suits today and I LOVE THEM!!!! I never thought I would be so excited or eager to wear a bathing suit! As soon as they came, I put the girls down for their naps, put on my bathing suit, and wore it around the house. I will find any excuse to wear them - they are so cute!
We were so lucky to have Dave home from work on Monday, after the craziest, busiest month of work he has ever had. We spent the day at the zoo - it was so fun! The weather was great, we got there early so it wasn't crowded, and we were able to spend the day together as a family. Does it get better than that? Since we were there in the morning, most of the animals were being fed so they were out and pretty active. We got quite a show!
Here are some fun pictures from the day:
This was so hilarious! The bear was just sitting there staring at all of us
Dave & Katie & Muke the Ape
Katie & McKenna looking at the elephants

We were lucky they were so close to us - we even got to hear them trumpet
Cute girls

We saw a baby giraffe!
Dave & Katie looking at the bears.

Sweet McKenna - love this picture (she looks so grown up!)
McKenna and a bunny - very appropriate for the season :)

Pretty awesome picture with the leopard - we couldn't tell if he was happy or mad to see us...

McKenna was our navigator

Dave & Katie with the tiger (my favorite animal at the zoo)

Katie on the caterpillar

HUGE spider

Meg & the girls on the wooden elephant

Friday, March 07, 2008

I Heart Twilight

You're Edward Cullen - You have great taste for the finer things in life, a classic style, and you understand the way people work so you can manipulate easily. You have many talents and a bit of a temper, but you are mostly level-headed and rational.
Take this quiz to find out which Twilight character you are.
I don't know what the weirdest part of this result is - 1) I'm a guy, 2) I'm a vampire, or 3) If I really was Edward, than I would literally be in love with myself...
Very fun Julie :)