Sunday, May 31, 2009

Special Daddy

McKenna and I came home from church today after Sacrament Meeting because she has a nasty cough, is losing her voice, and we just didn't feel like "spreading the love" today in nursery. So, we came home. She just helped me put all the ingredients in the crockpot for dinner (creamy crockpot chicken is on the menu - yum!) and she kept saying:

"Mmmm! I'm making this dinner for my special daddy!"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Conversation Between Sisters

Yesterday Katie motioned McKenna into the playroom and said:

Katie: McKenna, we need to talk.

McKenna: Taco?! Oh! Great!

Katie: No McKenna, not a taco, we need to TAAAALK

McKenna: Taco?

Katie: No, TALK

McKenna: Taco Bell?


McKenna: Oh, ok Katie, let's talk.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

McKenna Date

A little while, actually about a month ago...McKenna and I went on our first official McKenna Date. She was so excited to get in the car by herself.

She had started noticing when we would go on Katie Dates and started asking to go on McKenna Dates (is a 2 year old supposed to be able to make that connection?) So, we scheduled one and put it on the calendar. To avoid tears and tantrums at Girl Date time, we have decided to trade off months and put it on the calendar so they can "see" when it's their turn and prepare themselves when it's not. Hopefully it works.

For McKenna's first date we went to the mall. There is a Disney Store where we needed to pick up a birthday present for Katie, and also a fun indoor play space (that isn't connected to a fast food place, which is nice). McKenna was so good in the Disney Store. She walked around, looked and everything, and kept saying "Look Mama!" at all the characters she recognized. She was just excited to be there and didn't ask for one thing! I am not used to that :) After purchasing the giant coloring book for Katie (for only $4.99!!!) we headed over to the place space.

She had fun in the tree house,

climbing up to look over the side and yell "Look at me Mama!"
sliding down the slide,
playing on the new dinosaur bones,

and playing with the big ball water fountain thing (like the one they have at the Hogle Zoo).
On our way out we found a mini-carousel in the arcade - the perfect size for McKenna. She LOVED that the most, and held on for her dear life :)

We had a blast. Girl Dates are a great thing. I love being able to connect with each of them on their own (a thing I rarely get to do in our daily routine of craziness), and to be able to really get to know them. I really love it and feel lucky to be able to go out with each one of them alone.

Happy Birthday Spencer & Lucy!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet George

Katie came to me the other day with Dave's scriptures in her hand and said "I'm going on vacation, Mom."
The conversation continued as follows:

Katie: I'm going on vacation, Mom

Me: Where are you going?

Katie: To visit my husband.

Me: Oh! What is your husband's name?

Katie: Um...I don't know. I haven't named him yet.

Me: How about George?

Katie: Um....(looking up out of the corner of her eye in thought)...ya. His name is George.

Me: What does George look like?

Katie: I don't know.

Me: Is he tall?

Katie: No.

Me: Is he short?

Katie: No, he's just like me. He takes two vitamins. Ok Mom, I'll see ya later!

Me: Where are you going?

Katie: To George's house.

Me: Where does he live?

Katie: In the playhouse.

(after going in the backyard with her scriptures - which I'm assuming was her suitcase - she returns with a bouqet of dandelions.)

Katie: These are my flowers, Mom, for when me and George get married. Take a picture.

Me: Don't you want George in the picture?

Katie: Oh! Yes! (runs to the back door, opens it, motions for George to come inside)

Me: Say cheese!

**see above picture of Katie & George on their wedding day :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers' Day Tradition

When I was growing up, we had the tradition of going to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Watertown, MA every Mothers' Day. The cemetery is huge, and full of beautiful landscaping, fountains, statues, and architecture. The blossoms were always at the peak of their bloom on Mothers' Day. We would always go right after church, in our Sunday clothes, spend the afternoon walking through the cemetery, wading in the fountains, and paying our respects to all the dead Moms (and celebrating our own mother too, of course!) She loves the beauty of nature, which made this tradition very fitting for Mothers' Day.
Last year, I requested to start our own tradition of visiting the dead Moms out here in Utah on Mothers' Day. I, like my mother, also love being outside and enjoying a beautiful, relaxing, spring afternoon in the sun. I can't think of a better way to spend and afternoon with my family. And since I get my way on Mothers' Day, to the cemetery we go. My Grandma Hopkin is buried in Orem, so of course we visit her, bring her flowers, and spend some time there. This year was extra special because my parents, brother Brian, and Aunt & Uncle joined us.
And of course, each year we will take a picture of the three Bonitas.
(my middle name is after my Grandma Hopkin's first name, which is also McKenna's middle name - in case you needed clarification)

Katie's 4th Birthday

Of course, the Birthday Fairy came and left fun things for the girls to find in the morning.
cute dresses (SO easy to make - just sew one seam!) and sand toys to play in the "sandbox" (volleyball court) at the park.

Katie was so lucky to have BOTH sets of Grandparents here for her birthday (and Brooke's blessing).

Katie LOVES the Glitter Lava and other fun things from Gran and Gramps.
She especially loves the glitter crayons - THANK YOU!
the girls blowing out Katie's candles on her birthday cupcake.
Katie and her Birthday Pillowcase!
her first big girl bike!

All day Katie kept reminding us that she was now four which meant she was grown up and could lots of things she couldn't do when she was three. For example...
"It's not good to pick your nose. I shouldn't pick my nose anymore because I'm four now."
"I can listen so good because I'm four."
"I'll flush the toilet, because I'm four now."
"I'll eat four bites because I'm four!"
"I can ride a bike because I'm four."

The day after her birthday she had her friend party.
A PINKALICIOUS party, of course :)

She was so happy

we had these cute cupcakes - some with white frosting and pink flowers, others with pink frosting and white flowers (the flower petals are just marshmallows cut with scissors. SO CUTE and SO EASY!)

Katie loves her friends!

group picture.
Katie has the cutest, sweetest, nicest friends. That makes for a very happy mama :)
Party Activities:
- decorate paper cupcakes (see picture above)
- cupcake walk
- read "Pinkalicious"
- treasure hunt for goodie bag prizes
- freeze dance (of course!)

Oh, and this one too

Can you see the smile behind that binkie?
(Brooke turned 2 months on May 11th)

The Many Faces of Brooklyn

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's A Miracle

Brooke went to sleep last night at midnight (with mom & dad) and didn't wake up until 7:30!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jono!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday
Sweet Katie-Bear!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The most clever nickname anyone ever gave me was Megs & Bacon. It never failed to make me laugh. I was thinking about that today and got a little creative with our family nicknames (maybe I was hungry too...)

Kater Tot

McKenna Banana (or Bonita Banana)

Brookie Cookie

Dave... any ideas?