Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blast From the Past

So, Dave very wisely told me the other night "I think it's about time you watched Wayne's World." Wow. The amount of insight that man has into my soul is amazing! No, seriously. Something like me watching Wayne's World is exactly what I've been needing lately. That movie represents a whole side of me that has been dormant for a while now and is dying to resurface! I love movies! I love funny movies! And I love watching movies that I love over and over again. Wayne's World is the type of movie that can bring me back to the days in my life when nothing mattered but having fun and laughing. Isn't that how life still should be? I think so! Why can't I be that person and still be a responsible adult? I don't see why I can't.

Anyway, I was very glad that Dave pointed that out to me. It must have been inspired because the next day Wayne's World was on TV, I happened to see it on the guide, and I DVR'ed it. Perfect! Now I have nothing stopping me from escaping into a classic from my past to remind me that there is still beauty and meaning in this world :) Exactly the lesson that I learn from watching Wayne's World...

Party on Wayne!


I forgot to post this when I heard this, but I thought it was hilarious!

Apparently, McKenna is Megan in Hawaiian (I think it's actually spelt Makenna, but it's the same name, right?). So...
Since McKenna's name is McKenna Bonita and my name is Megan Bonita, should her name really be

McKenna Bonita Jensen Jr.?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Three Years Ago

Our sweet Katelyn Joy entered the world

And our lives were changed forever...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Katie is 3

She obviously had a great birthday
Here is Katie's birthday dinner - all she wanted was hot dogs and BBQ chips. I had to at least throw some carrots in there...
Out of order cake picture, but this is Katie giving up on her piece and just digging in
It begins...
Both girls loved this birthday present
And Mom loves IKEA :)
Birthday cake (you'd think I'd be better at writing on cakes after all those years at WMC!)
This actually was probably the worst cake I have ever tasted. Good thing she's only 3 and only likes to eat the frosting!
I can't believe our Katie is 3

McKenna gave up on her fork, or her hands for that matter. Why not do this why you can?!

Return to the Hogle Zoo

For Katie's 3rd Birthday today, she wanted to go to the Zoo - so of course we did! Our good friend Kristi came with us, and we had a really good time. Great idea Katie!
Katie is 3!!!
The girls.... Let's try that again...
Sweet sisters
Mom with Katie (and apparently no bear), and Mom with McKenna
Katie being a panther with the two tiger statues

Sweet shades!!!
Traditional "Katie with the Ape statue" picture that we take every trip to the zoo
Kristi & Katie & the Rhino - Katie's favorite animal at the zoo!
McKenna discovered this time that there are actually animals in each cage! Way to go McKennanator!

Children's Discovery Museum

Thanks to my friend Amber, we discovered the Children's Discovery Museum at the Gateway Mall. It is AWESOME and perfect for children my kids' ages. The whole museum is geared toward creative play. Katie rode the horse and collected eggs & peaches at the farm, McKenna drove a car and picked vegetables at the garden, they both played at the water station, construction sight, and the market. It was so much fun!

Katie on the life-size horse

Katie putting her egg & peaches in the car to deliver

McKenna at the garden

McKenna driving her car across town

Five stars from the Jensen family for the Children's Discovery Museum in SLC

Dinosaur Museum

Scenes from the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point:

"Da-dum....da-dum....da-dum da-dum da-dum..."

Katie escavating dinosaur bones - very "Jurassic Park"

Funny McKenna face

Katie and a dinosaur

She's not sure what to think about this one without glass infront of it...
"Is that dinosaur going to eat me?"

The girls and the Veloceraptor

Katie under the Supersaurus

Katie at the erosion table. Very cool - the kids can create rivers, walls, and mountains and watch the river erode the sand and cover dinosaurs. That's how fossils are made...?

We had a blast at the museum. This will definitely be more and more of a hit every year as the girls understand more. All Katie knew about dinosaurs previous to this museum trip is that Sharp Tooth is very scary and dinosaurs "roar!" I'm not sure that she made the connection that the skeletons used to be dinosaurs...oh well, it still was a great trip and a fun hands-on day.

Trip to Boston

From April 3-April 14 Meg & the girls were in Boston, MA. We had a blast! We went primarily to help out while my parents were in Italy (although I would rather have been there!). We stayed at the house with Brian and helped hold down the fort there, and also helped watch Jen's girls during the day when my mom normally does. It really was a great excuse to take a trip home.

I always love going home for any reason, but this trip was great because I felt like we were there long enough to actually get settled and just enjoy being there. We took a couple trips into the city - one to visit Andrew for lunch and go to the Commons, and one with Jen, Elena, and Sofia to the Children's Museum. We took the train both times and Katie got a kick out of the conductor punching our tickets. It was very "Polar Express." Katie also had fun playing with all of her cousins there - Elena, Sofia, and Jane - and playing with Mica too. We wish we had more time with Grandma & Grandpa, but luckily we will get to see them in June when they're here.

Here are some pictures from the trip. (for more see Staci's blog
Outside the Children's Museum (Jen & Sofia MIA)
McKenna & Sofia at the water station
Katie loves her cousin Elena
Jane & McKenna (yes, Jane is a year older than McKenna)